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About Me


Hi! My name is Jojo and I’m a Life Coach & Personal Trainer who coaches individuals to optimal health — spiritually, mentally, and physically. My clients live healthier lives by leading with a spiritually-centered heart, developing a resilient & positive mindset, building confidence, and sustaining healthy routines. 

My clients’ goals range from a desire to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, increase self-esteem, get rid of toxic relationships, and being less stressed and anxious. 

​I was raised in Hawaii and now reside in Los Angeles with my two sons and labradoodle pup. I worked in the corporate world for decades, but I was motivated to connect with people on a more personal level and inspire them to live abundantly and fearlessly. Therefore, I turned to coaching as a vessel to fulfill my purpose and passion.

I’ve always been a gritty and opinionated girl. I never shied away from using my voice and questioning the norm. I was also an athlete and loved physical fitness. The combination of the two labeled me as aggressive and I embraced it! Wonder Woman was my idol and I was secretly her next of kin. Fast forward 52 years later and I’m still that resilient, head-strong girl. The things that come so naturally to us are our gifts and what makes us beautifully unique. I embraced my strengths at a young age and now they have come full circle for me to share them with you.

Being a coach is one of my greatest life purposes. I’m here to empower others by listening and helping them find their strengths; by guiding them in their health journey— spiritually, mentally and physically; and by helping them discover and unleash the superhuman that lives in all of us.

Fitness approach

My Approach

Personal Training

You’re stronger than you think.

My fitness approach is anchored in the belief that our bodies are designed to move and are able to adapt to physical challenges. In order to see change, you need to push past your mental and physical limits with a strategic and structured fitness plan. 

Muscular strength, core strength, cardio endurance, flexibility, and mobility are all components of a customized fitness plan based on my client’s preferences, fitness level, and health goals. For the majority, a well-designed high intensity full body workout will maximize burning fat while building lean muscle. It also keeps things fun and dynamic which sustains a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Want to gain confidence and learn how to throw a punch and kick? I have female clients who want to learn how to defend themselves so our sessions are focused on kickboxing techniques and drills.

A typical one hour session includes a 10-minute warm-up followed by the workout. The workout may include modalities such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and kickboxing to improve your strength, mobility, and coordination.

At the end of a session, we talk about next steps, including workouts that you can do on your own before our next session in order to keep on track with your fitness goals. We also discuss your eating habits as nutrition plays a big part in weight loss and muscle gain. Training sessions are held online or in-person (Los Angeles).

My Approach

Life Coaching

It all starts in your head.


My coaching approach is based on the belief that a healthy lifestyle is anchored by a resilient and positive mindset. Your thoughts shape who you become. Is your mindset filled with positive thoughts or are you constantly entertaining negative ones?


By creating a healthy mindset, your reaction to external circumstances and decision-making skills are framed with fortitude and strength. You’re able to bounce back from daily stressors and turn them into catalysts for positive change. You become a greater version of yourself. You become resilient!


In order to develop a resilient and positive mindset, you must be relentless in not allowing your mind to wander towards fear, worry, and self-doubt. This takes work. This takes intentional excavation of all negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. 


Your mindset and heart posture are keys to creating a healthy and vibrant life.

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