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What does it mean to be resilient?

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

There are various definitions, but the one that resonates the most to me is that you have the ability to recover from adverse situations to a more strengthened person. It means that you have the capacity to bounce back from trials and retain your sense of value and strength. You may have been knocked down, but you're not gonna stay down!

You can still experience sadness, depression, and grief, but you do not stay there. You don’t allow the pain to take the lead in your life. Rather, you take the reins back and steer your life towards healing so you can get back to living a healthy and happy life.

My coaching approach is one that develops resilient and positive minds. I believe that it all starts in your head and that a healthy mindset is the core of a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s get your mental game on point.

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