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Is Adversity Your Friend or Foe?

When you’re faced with adversity, what is your response mechanism? Are your first thoughts filled with negativity and as a result, you react with angst and worry? Or are you calm and collected, confident in knowing that you have the ability to get through the adversity stronger and wiser?

A positive mindset will improve your resiliency. And your resiliency will direct your outcome. You will either crash into the waves and wash on shore; gasping for air or you will swim under the waves, flowing with them, and come back up unshaken.

It’s your choice.

As you go through your trials, utilize a positive and resilient mindset and put your emotions at bay. We don’t need to react emotionally in every circumstance of our lives. Take a deep breath. Practice patience and don’t react with such fury. You are better than your emotions at that very moment.

So tell me. The next time you go through adversity and look towards the horizon, where do you want to be? If you need help going through life’s transitions and creating a positive mindset, let’s create a partnership.

May the good in you be great.

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