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What's Your Level of Self-Confidence?

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being “supremely confident,” what would you rate your self-worth?

As a health and mental fitness coach, one of my core beliefs is that a resilient mindset is the key to a healthy and happy life. And confident people are resilient. You value and respect yourself and more importantly, you expect others to treat you respectfully as well.

The majority of people I’ve come across have low self-esteem — mediocre at best. They may put on a mask of confidence, but in some shape or form, perhaps hidden, their confidence is at an all time low. Insecurities run the gamut — from a poor self image to self-consciousness to fear of failure to an obsession of acceptance and validation.

So how do we boost confidence? How do we realign this negative self-talk and thinking to one that reflects the greatness in all of us?

It’s a process. One that starts with you proclaiming your worth and revoking all the negativity and self-sabotaging conversations.


1. Grab a piece of paper or your phone and start writing down 5 things you love about yourself. Then tomorrow, write another 5 things. If you need help, ask a friend. Sometimes, we don’t see the beauty in ourselves that others see. Refer back to this list when you or someone else dismisses you. 2. Exercise. I can’t overemphasize the power that strength and endurance have on your mental health and body image. It’s not about being a particular size, but about feeling good in your own skin.

3. Stop trying to be perfect. Perfectionism is such a mystique. It doesn’t exist so stop feeling imperfect in an imperfect world. We all have flaws.

4. Stop overworking. We mask our insecurities by keeping busy and overscheduling thinking that if we are running around ragged from meetings to appointments, we are important. This is a fake way of creating self worth.

5. Stop being a people-pleaser: This one strikes my biggest nerve. Why, oh why do we hold other people’s opinions about our very own lives more important than our own? Stop compromising what you know is right to please someone. They could care less about you.

For more techniques and strategies to boost your confidence, book a session with me and let’s get you towards a 10.

May the good in you be great.

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