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Are you listening to your body?

Quite often, our bodies are talking to us — screaming for what it needs. But we ignore the vital signs and continue with our normal routines that no longer serve us or promote a healthy lifestyle.

Today, my body said, “We need to slow down, Jojo,” so instead of a hard core workout, I went on a long walk with my pup and followed it with a yoga session. My body and mind thanked me for it.

What is your body telling you? I encourage you to be still and start listening to your body. If you’re always stressed and anxious, something needs to change. Being in a state of constant havoc and hurry isn’t normal. A few suggestions:

  1. Start your day slow and intentional. For 15 minutes, you could meditate, read, journal, or stretch.

  2. Take one thing bad off your plate.

  3. Move. I can’t stress enough the power of movement. A brisk walk, pushups, situps, or squats are exercises you can do at home/outside with no equipment.

  4. Be mindful of how you speak to yourself throughout the day. You’re amazing so stop telling yourself otherwise.

  5. Stop overcommitting to everything. There are limits.

Listen to your body, then help it get healthier. I hope to coach you through your journey.

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